Wednesday, June 27, 2012

May 2012.
I am still working on the brakes and gas tank to get it driveable, attempts to clean the tank myself  have not worked I am going to have to have a shop clean it. I found two shops that I am going to look into to clean and seal it. Brake wise the steel lines are corroded and I cannot break them free without damaging the line or rounding the brass fitting so I am going to have to replace the whole system, all the lines, cylinders and shoes, etc. I am assuming the master cylinder is in the same shape although I do have a kit for the earlier dual cylinder. I have been finding some good deals for parts on ebay with free shipping that is helping keep costs down some.

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  1. Gas tanks in these old cars can be.. interesting. My bug right now had a rusty tank, so the previous owner poured some tar stuff into it to "fix" it. Unfortunately it ruined it and now I have to replace the whole tank. But about 4 years later how is the '68 doing?

    Todd Norman