Thursday, April 26, 2012

I was feeling confused about the distributor, all was there for it to spark but it was'nt so I asked my friend Kris to take a look at it today and he did some preliminary checks and then said "looks like everything is ok" I guess it was just his presence but it was working now so I rigged up the gas can and we fired it up, sounded like a fine tuned sewing machine, no noises, missing, or other uh-oh's. Unfortunately we could'nt run it long as gas started leaking out of the accelerator rod but we were ecstatic that it was running and sounding so good, more than 30 years after it last had run. So I'll pick up a carb kit and start planning the gas tank resto that still has about a 1/4 tank.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Apparently there is a short in the distributor which will require some troubleshooting.

Monday, April 23, 2012

First time out of the garage in about 37 years.
Replaced the battery cables yesterday and picked up a battery, turned on the key and LIGHTS! we have a gen and oil light, checked all the electical stuff and it all works, except for the horn which is a bummer. Engine turned over fine and I expelled the old fuel from the fuel pump then rigged up a gas can and line to the fuel pump but it would'nt start, the oil light would go out while turning which is a good sign. Today I checked the coil, points and condenser and the condenser is bad so I'm going to change points and condenser tomorrow. So hopefully tomorrow the engine will be running.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spent some time on the bug today, freed up the other rear wheel, when we got the car all four wheels were locked up and we had to literally drag it out of the garage and onto the trailer. Took 3 hours to get it ready to tow home. Then drag it off the trailer onto my driveway where we went right to work trying to freeing them, we got the front ones done quickly the next day and I got the one rear done the other day.
The battery ground and positive cables need replacing so I removed them today. Took out the sending unit and it was toast so I added that to the parts list, which now is just brake parts. There is still fuel (or whats left of it) in the tank, about a 1/4 tank I will probably have to pull it and get it cleaned at a radiator shop. I removed the fuel pump screen and there is still fuel in the pump and the screen was clean which is better than it being dried and nasty. Nothing came out of the carburetor drain when I removed it so I am hoping it will still work. Tomorrow I will get new battery cables and a battery and rig up a fuel can to the fuel pump and try to start it. The previous owner said the plugs kept fouling so if I get it started I should get an idea of any issues with the engine.
The drivers seat was stuck all the way forward so I spray lubed it and was able to move it back so I can sit in it now.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcome to the 1968 Beetle blog, about a garagefind Beetle that I purchased 4/15/2012, it sat in the owners garage since about 1976. It is a complete and original with 56,186 miles. In essence this car was driven for less than ten years although it is 44 years old.

I'm no stranger to aircooled VW's having owned several continuosly since 1980. I will be going through the brakes, fuel, and electric systems to get it running as soon as possible.

Follow along the adventure of bringing this rare vintage VW back to life from it's long sleep.

This picture is from inside the garage before dragging it out.