Thursday, May 3, 2012

We've had some rainy days which prevented me getting anything done except after one heavy downpour I sat in the bug and looked for water coming in but there was'nt any it was dry :) The rain has washed off most of the dirt and there is a nice shine to the paint coming out.

Satuday I cleaned the inside of the mildew using a water/ammonia mix it came out pretty good better than I expected

I removed the carburetor, rebuilt it and installed it today. No surprises found during the rebuild, it looks like its never been opened before. Then I removed the gas tank, I pulled the front wheel to get access to the fuel line to drain it and after I pulled it off nothing but some drops came out. So after I removed it I just drained it out through the filler neck. While the tank is out getting cleaned I'm going to do the front brakes, new cylinder, shoes, hoses. It will be alot easier to get to them with the tank removed.

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